InesInes Lima da Silva was born on the 25th of October 1969 in Rio de Janeiro. One could say that she had no chance but to be musical talented. Her father, Pedro was singer and songwriter in the band ” Escola de Samba Quilambo do Palmareis from Acari. Together with her extremely religious mother Laudicea and her nine brothers & sisters, Ines grew up in the middle of a tremendously multicultural environment. As a logical result of her strict religious upbringing, the local Church the ” Assembleia de Deus” was the stage from which Ines made her debut.

When she was only 17 years old, Ines moved out of her parents’ home and had to face the hard realities of life in order to keep her head over water. ” Surviving was only the beginning” says Ines about this period in her life, ” I had no time to even dream about a carrier as an Entertainer… all my energy I invested in how I was going to get the next meal for me and my family”. Nevertheless even during these hard times, Ines managed through a competition in the famous Samba Show ” Oba-oba” the chance to study dance and choreography. Also, she appeared more and more often as back-up singer in different musical productions at Samba schools and in clubs.

foto-dIn 1998 Ines Brasil came to Europe. There, through a friend in Stuttgart who was also the director of the Brazilian Samba show “Morenas Tropicanas”, she got the chance to continue working in choreography. During this time, she came in contact with many Brazilian musicians and felt herself more and more drawn to Music. For more that 3 years now, Ines has been writing and composing her own songs, she has also founded a band in Europe: the INES BRASIL band. With her one-of-a-kind Charisma Ines sings her own compositions along with a wide Repertoire of Samba, Bossanovas, Merengue, Latin Jazz, and other ” Musica popular brasileira”. From Antonio Carlos Jobim, Elis Regina, and Adriana Calcanhoto to Daniela Mercury…Ines has an extremely wide Spectrum of music that comes over very well with the German public.

Her own compositions are influenced by her love to dance. An Ines Brasil concert is one filled with flaming dance acts that slowly explode like fireworks. The rhythm and Fire in the blood of Ines Brasil enables her to communicate with the public . Within this year 2001, Ines will be producing her first CD.

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